Serpentina* (FO)
VP: 0
Name: Unknown
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Origin: Toreador, Tarn
Disciplines: Bio-tek
Biography and Timeline

Serpentina appeared out of seemingly nowhere, suddenly the strongest fighter of the Toreador League. She subsequently performed flawlessly in other matches within the Tarn System. The perfect blend of beauty and brawn, she has struck the fancy of spectators, both men and women. Most notable, though, is her claim that she is the granddaughter of an Ophidian Lord. However, this rumor is unconfirmed, and her distinctly human appearance has made many skeptical. Her manager and brother, Vire Sholt, has been known, in the past, to use gimmicks to promote gladiators.
Regardless of the validity of her ancestry, Serpentina's snake-oriented outfit and proven abilities in the arena have caught the Ophidians' attention. She has already been called Ophidian's hottest new gladiator, though she has not yet been signed.

2350 Serpentina conquers the Toreador League and is rumored to be in negotiation to fight in Ophidian next season.

*(FO) Serpentina is a Fan Original character created by Andrew Powers.



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