Angelico* (FO)
VP: 0
Name: Daniel Grace
Type: Human / Construct
Gender: Male
Origin: Volke, Justich
Disciplines: War
Biography and Timeline

A long time fan of gladiator-style fighting, Daniel Grace started to compete for no other reason than fame. While competing off-circuit, he received his first big break when he was discovered by his hero, Lothar. Lothar trained him personally and sponsored him in a fight which landed him an official position as a gladiator. With the aid of Lothar, Daniel Grace quickly rose in ranks to 2 VP. Lothar asked him to join his team, and they were favored to win that season, with the spotlight on Daniel Grace's performance.
Life at the top was brief. During a stay on the planet Volke, a friend of Lothar's, a demon by the name of Noagldranu, thought to surprise his buddy by sneaking up behind him, as if he were going to attack. Daniel Grace, thinking he was saving Lothar's life, killed Noagldranu in defense. After a year-long trial, Daniel Grace was found not-guilty. Though he was free, this incident cost him his reputation and his gladiator position. Ironically, had he been found guilty, he probably would have been returned to the Ophidian keepers and been able to resume his position.
Daniel Grace vanished from the public eye for years. Recently, Angelico made the scene. His hair was now blond, his skin like ivory, and most notably he sported a pair of cybernetic wings. Despite the change of name and appearance, many remember him and his past. Angelico now fights to regain the attention of the Ophidians and to bury Daniel Grace's history.

2344 Daniel Grace is spotted by Lothar, and begins training.
2346 Daniel Grace, having quickly earned a 2 VP rating, joins Lothar's team. A misunderstanding leads to murder and arrest.
2347 Daniel Grace is found not guilty. He loses his reputation and his standing in Ophidian.
2350 Angelico appears, fighting in small matches to gain the attention of Ophidian.

*(FO) Angelico is a Fan Original character created by Andrew Powers.



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