VP: 3
Name: N/A
Type: Construct (Collective nanite entity)
Gender: N/A
Origin: Surge, Justich
Disciplines: Cybernetics / Bio-tek
Biography and Timeline

Nicholai is made up of millions of nanites functioning as one entity. He is the product of the Ophidians' experiments with the technology stolen from a Top-Secret Futurnetics Lab in the Justich System. He tops the charts on many excersices, but the Ophidians ranked him at 4VP.
Nicholai's learning progress is tremendous and has already developed a superb intellect. He believes himself a god and the essence of perfection, and provides an atmosphere of dark power into the arena.

2350 Nicholai is created in the labs for the sole purpose of being an Ophidian gladiator under the control of the Ophidians.



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