Jean Splice
VP: 0
Name: Unknown
Type: Spectral
Gender: Female
Origin: Morryil, Matricc
Disciplines: Bio-tek
Biography and Timeline

Jean was a hermit that didnít like the company of friends. One day, a group of teenagers were lost on their way to see a Kaleem gladiator match. At first, Jean got them sick, but later on, she had a change of heart when she saw their posters of him and spoke with the kids. They told her of the great warrior Kaleem and she got an interest in this god-like being. She removed her toxins from the teens and let them on their way. She watched a few of Kaleemís matches, including his last one, and then decided to join the arenas.
She wishes to get close enough to either Ryla or Prince of Gates to find out what happened in that legendary match. In the mean time, arena violence is changing her anti-social behavior, and she enjoys the crowdís fury as she flies past them, screaming at them trying to scare them. Jean enjoys making enemies in the arenas, sometimes with her teammates. She once pretended to heal Pago, but instead infected him with a disease. She is always one to watch out for, whether you are her opponent or her teammate.

2348 Jean takes an interest in arena combat at the height of Kaleemís career
2349 Jean joins Ophidian after Kaleemís death



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