VP: 0
Name: 7th Princess, Tessa D’esker (of the Kyys Buel)
Type: Alien
Gender: Female
Origin: Rootya, Tarn
Disciplines: Portal
Biography and Timeline

Tessa was the first-born daughter of a royal house in the Tarn System. She had six sisters which was unfortunate for her because the rules of the land declare that only six princesses may remain in the house at one time. Thus, being the oldest daughter, she had the royal privilege of leaving her home in search of wisdom.
Her travels led her to a band of demon pirates who tried to ransom her off to her family, but were unsuccessful, so they threw her into a huge motor which chopped her up pretty badly. However, a scientific team saved her life in time and tried to restore her damaged limbs. They did a good job. In exchange she offered her services to them. They asked if they could experiment on her and she let them. As a result she gained some minor portaling abilities.
She joined the Ophidian arenas to raise money, test her skills, and kill time before she could go back home. However, she is starting to like arena combat, and now wishes to remain here and raise in the Ophidian ranks.

2341 Tessa leaves her home on a royal pilgrimage
2346 Tessa is attacked, and left for dead. She is saved by a team of scientists
2347 Tessa gains portaling abilities
2349 Tessa joins Ophidian



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