Walter Boom-Boom Drake
VP: 0
Name: Walter Drake
Type: Alien / Human
Gender: Male
Origin: Surge, Justich
Disciplines: Cybernetics
Biography and Timeline

At one time, Walter Drake was the greatest and most renowned Gladiator to set foot in the Ophidian areas. His blows were as hard as iron and his reflexes compared to that of a Kiagorta cat! Lesser gladiators would shiver and shake at the mere mention of his name.
Unfortunately for Drake, those days are all part of the past. In recent times, Walter Drake is, at best, an unknown has-been. Where his name was once feared and respected it is now ridiculed and mocked. Despite such an ironic fall from fame, Drake continues to strive to once again become the best!

2323 Walter Drake joins Ophidian after an agent watches him train on Surge
2325 Walter Drake leads his team to victory at the championships earning a 4 VP rank
2326 Drake maintains the championship title
2327 Drake loses the championship title
2329 Drake regains the title and gains the name Boom-Boom as a result of his use of explosives in the match
2330 Drake maintains the championship title
2331 Drake loses the championship title to Prince of Gates. He is also demoted to 3 VP
2333 Drake is demoted to 2 VP
2340 Drake is demoted to 1 VP
2348 Drake is demoted to Reinforcement status



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