VP: 2
Name: Unknown
Type: Alien
Gender: Female
Origin: Volke, Justich
Disciplines: Psi / War
Biography and Timeline

Angelique was one of the many wives of Madicus, a tyrannical king and member of House Ethral. Madicus abused his kingdom with his powerful Psi abilities. Many members of House Ethral disagreed with his ideals, but few would oppose him.
Angelique was in a street gang when the king's guards arrested her for unruliness. When she was about to be executed, Madicus saw her and immediately spared her life to make her his next wife.
She hated him and tried to fight him off, but he would always overpower her. Over a period of three years as Madicus continued to ravage her, she trained with his other wives and began an underground movement inside the palace. The network extended to include some of the guards and eunuchs. When she felt they were ready, she led the revolt. In under an hour amid the chaos her followers caused, Angelique reached and killed Madicus.
A general loyal to Madicus surprised and captured Angelique and stopped the revolt from reaching outside the palace. He took control but most of the other wives and guards escaped thanks to her leadership. Angelique was sold to the Ophidians to serve out a life sentence in the gladiator games to avoid any hostility from the kingdom or House Ethral members.
She now fights for her freedom and hopes that her small band will one day free her as she had freed them.

2347 Angelique is forced to marry King Madicus.
2350 Angelique leads a revolt and kills Madicus. She is sold to serve a life sentence in the Ophidian League.



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